Any interaction with anything that occupies space and has weight with energy is PHYSICS. Physics applications in our day to day living are endless. From the least actions like writing using a ball point pen to the complexities of space science.


There is beauty within

             T he beauty is ever before us. By us, I mean students of the mighty ST JOHN’S WAKISO SECONDARY SCHOOL. Some call us St Johnians. It is all okay because in our name we find our pride. St John’s is gifted with nature including beautiful vegetation, good looking students plus skilled teachers not forgetting those who make our lives possible-the kitchen staff. These factors all contribute to the unique beauty of our school. Our beloved Proprietor did us no harm in putting in place this institution of knowledge some years back and it makes us glad.


May I interest you in a game of chess?!

             The game of kings, the complex game of chess began in India thousands of years ago.From India, it spread west to Europe and the Americas. For many centuries, it was known as ‘the game of kings’ because it was played by the nobility and because it was considered good training for those involved in warfare. Today, chess players of all ages compete against each other by e-mail, mail and on the internet. Most nations have chess tournaments for young people and adults...


The wonders in Computer studies

Computer studies basically involves use of monitors, keyboards, mice and `CPUs`. A computer is a programmable electronic device that can process, store and retrieve data. In today`s era, it is as good as a global norm to know a thing, two or even more about a computer. Someone who knows nothing about the computer today is basically in the Stone Age period. Computer studies is different from ICT (Information and Communication Technology) as done by the new curriculum in Uganda even though both involve the study of a computer as a device in daily life.


Fine art & its applications

             Fine art is a fun subject majorly based on drawing, painting and sketching. For any artist to get an art work done, they have to follow certain steps to attain that exact goal. According to the old curriculum, a student at O’level is expected to sit for four papers which are supposed to be chosen from; Studio technology aka the theory of art, Still life and nature, Human figure drawing, Imaginative composition, Crafts A aka graphics, Crafts B and History of art and appreciation.



There is a common saying that only death will separate friends; but for sure, not even death can separate us from chemistry. Chemistry is everything and indeed everything is chemistry. We are told that everything that occupies space and has weight is matter; little did we know that matter is composed of chemistry.



Did you know that the Great European Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte died of cancer that developed from his chronic ulcers? Many of these great leaders indeed died prematurely simply because the study of biology had not been greatly improved to understand how such diseases would have been avoided.



Obviously everything has an origin, and so does Science and Arts. Have you ever taken a critical moment to deeply think about that content, skill-packed and knowledge-loaded, to train man as a mutual friend of his surrounding?


I am greatly honored

I am greatly honored to be part of and associated with St. John’s Wakiso Secondary School which was formed to teach children from all over Uganda and the region.



A student at St. JWSS has to use this system and that’s when they will be able to succeed academically, spiritually and socially. Everything has a beginning. The beginning of success is understanding the treasures and dreams you have inside you. As a student of St.JWSS, you decide on the ladder in four steps/ phases; Discover, Develop, Declare and Silence...


Why enroll with us.

Opened in 2005, St. John’s Wakiso Secondary School is a well facilitated mixed ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level, day and boarding school offering Both Arts and Science. It is registered by the ministry of education under no PSS/S/307 and UNEB center no U1917



Discipline makes a person to be successful



An all-round and inclusive education is the way to go.

With the current increasing global uncertainties bringing about resource limitations, there is an urgent need for an all round and inclusive learning to train a generation of lifelong learners who will engage in both the private and public sector so as to improve the society’s wellbeing.


Nelson Mandela Quotes.

It always seems impossible until it's done.



We are all equal. Although you might all put in the same effort while revising notes, the end results might be different. some of us will perform better than the rest.