14 May


Did you know that the Great European Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte died of cancer that developed from his chronic ulcers? Many of these great leaders indeed died prematurely simply because the study of biology had not been greatly improved to understand how such diseases would have been avoided.

It was later established that the stomach walls produce hydrochloric acid regularly, when a person misses meals, the walls release the same which destroys the peptic walls; wounding it resulting into ulcers.

Imagine a world ignorant about virology, how would the world have responded to these prevailing global pandemics of Ebola, Marburg, Zika and other viruses. The reason why the Spanish influenza of 1918 killed over 100 million people yet COVID-19, bird flu and swine flu have to a larger extent been contained; is that molecular biology has been extensively been studied. The components of these viruses have been analysed and therefore vaccine development and therapeutics do not take a lot time.

Indeed the components of food have been studied such that food poisoning has been reduced and many foods have been identified which reduce chances of self food poisoning. Its why there has been organic food production to reduce such cases.

Biology is therefore the study of life derived two Greek words BIOS which means life and LOGOS which means study. It has many areas of study including physiology about body processes, genetics study of inheritance of characteristics, microbiology study of micro organisms, entomology study of insects, botany study of plants, zoology study of animals, ornithology study of birds, mycology study of fungi, ichthyology study of fish, bacteriology study of bacteria and very many other areas.

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