12 May


A student at St. JWSS has to use this system and that’s when they will be able to succeed academically, spiritually and socially. Everything has a beginning. The beginning of success is understanding the treasures and dreams you have inside you. As a student of St.JWSS, you decide on the ladder in in four steps/ phases; Discover, Develop, Declare and Silence.

All of us have attributess in us that can put us on the road to success. Your success must therefore begin at discovering what you do best. It’s very important that you do this for two reasons;

  • Know what you have before you are able to use it to your advantages.
  • Other people will help in your endeavour to capitalize on what you have.

After discovering what you have, you need to trade it seeds remain seeds and not fruits until they are planted. What you are good at is a seed to your success. You need to plant it or better still trade or improve on it to be able to utilize and get the best out of it to your advantage (a foot baller trains hard, an academician reads hard and an artist works on his skills to better his work.)

What you have developed will not come to be fruitful until you give it expression. This is the reason for declaration. The world is waiting for you to manifest and star. Note that no one will bow to you until you declare yourself. No one will give you a chance to succeed until you have shown that you are worth it and that you have the ability to perform. (A foot baller will display his skills on the pitch, the artist will evidence [his talent] by his great works of art and a scholar will have good grades and qualifications to show.)

To achieve success, one has to be in a quiet environment to think so as to discover and then develop what you [may have] thought of. Such a silent environment is a good environment for one to complete the phases of the ladder of manifestation of the treasures and dreams you need.


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