11 May


We are not all equal. Although you might all put in the same effort while revising notes, the end results might be different. some of us will perform better than the rest. But God did not create stupid people. Remember, he helps those who help themselves.

Do not sit back and think you were born stupid. Ask your friends who know to help you. Putting in a little more effort than the rest will also help.

Many get examination fever, however, this is a sign of lack of confidence. If you feel contented with what you have read, you will never fear exams.

so get serious now for the better future.


Early last year (2019), I dreamt of joining advanced level. At about 3:00pm, my father asked me to prepare myself. That afternoon we travelled to Wakiso reaching SJWSS. The place blossomed with translucent sun rays sticking through the green surrounding.

I feared at first that at S JWSS, I was going to fall victim to bullying but it was a total surprise when the reverse was true, a warm welcome was extended to me from both teachers and students. Surely, SJWSS is a home away from home.

My first day seemed like my second year in the school for hardly had I settled than I had enormous amounts of friends who got me and drew me nearer to them.

Indeed, it was great experience which I still cherish to date. This is truly the divine SJWSS spirit.

Long live SJWSS

Knowledge has no limit.

Uwamahoro Paphura S.6

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