13 May


Obviously everything has an origin, and so does Science and Arts. Have you ever taken a critical moment to deeply think about that content, skill-packed and knowledge-loaded, to train man as a mutual friend of his surrounding? The subject that reminds man, moreover with empirical evidence, to interact with nature in harmony. A subject that is as old as man, thriving through all generations (including the medieval or dark ages when religion almost buried the Science.) and nevertheless, that Subject has stood a test of time to teach man that much as room for ‘Possibilism’ and ‘Probabilism’ may offer opportunity for man to manipulate his environment, ‘environmental Determinism’ remains a key determinant for man’s decision and survival.

I write to refer to that Science that has evolved since time immemorial, teaching and equipping man with life-long skills, attitudes, values and competencies for environmental and health awareness; creativity and innovativeness; mathematical computation skills; co-operation and respect for humanity; to mention but a few. A science that has summarized the broad and diverse environmental elements as; the Biosphere, the Atmosphere, the Lithosphere, and the Hydrosphere together with their harmonious relationships. That is Science. And that is GEOGRAPHY.

Monk house (1975:546,540) makes his impression as Geography being that transitional and central subject between the natural sciences, the Social studies and the humanities in concept and content, so as to induce in its students critical and literary skills combined with the necessary graphicate and numerate ability. A subject that seeks to describe the diverse features of the Earth’s surface, so as to explain how these features come to be where they are, and to discuss how they influence the distribution of man with his multifarious activities. Indeed, this sets pace for other subjects – making Geography the Mother of Sciences. And guess who in this world hates their own mother?

As a Geography department together with our Senior One class, we define Geography as that science that studies man and his physical and human surrounding and their consequent relations. That Science has elicited value for sustainable policy drafting and implementation at both micro and macro scales. This qualifies Geography as the Art of Arts.

At St. John’s Wakiso Secondary school, a professional and passionate team of Geography gallant intellectuals is readily on ground to facilitate and groom the young upcoming generation of Geographers, policy makers, planners and decision makers of the near future.

Knowledge has no limit.

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