15 May


There is a common saying that only death will separate friends; but for sure, not even death can separate us from chemistry. Chemistry is everything and indeed everything is chemistry. We are told that everything that occupies space and has weight is matter; little did we know that matter is composed of chemistry.

Imagine a world without water (H 2 O), how would life be without being hydrated? Remember whenever someone gets ill, the first thing doctors think of is putting the person on a drip of water. A world without water, no food would be formed during photosynthesis, again glucose (C 6 H 12 O 6 ) formed during the process is the reason why we are able to walk, talk, pump blood in our bodies, and reproduce, to mention but a few. A world without sugars cannot even survive for a minute.

Think of a world without salt (Iodized sodium chloride (NaCl)), the ions needed to form hydrochloric acid in our stomachs; that kills harmful bacteria, activates other chemicals known as enzymes, sodium ions needed for transmission of information in our bodies, think about a paralyzed person who cannot taste, smell, hear or even feel anything. You have heard and seen people with swollen necks just because one element iodine is missing in their meals.

Think about a world without calcium (Ca), human beings without bones or cartilage, people without teeth, Ankole cows without horns, snails without shells, people without functioning muscles …… what about a world without soap (sodium stearate (C 17 H 35 COONa), without detergents, sanitizers and sterilizers; corona virus would have been killing more people.. a world without medicine, without pharmaceuticals, without hospitals, industries, alcohols, fuels (alkanes and alkenes).

Without chemistry all other areas would not make sense, think about physics without elements, metals and other materials, think about agriculture without pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides; history without carbon dating; how could we have managed to find Zenj Anthropus who lived many million years ago, how could we preserve historical materials without chemistry,.. Think about geography without maps (papers and ink), politics and wars without guns, bombs, gun powder etc, what about entertainment without soft drinks, fireworks, music systems? How about building and construction without cement (Calcium silicates and aluminates), paints, stones and rocks (silicon (IV) oxide), etc…

Even in death formalin is applied to preserve the body. Eventually when years have passed the components of the body go into the earth crust where plants pick them and use them for their growth and the descendants get the chemistry which was in you. Not to forget the fact that inheritance is all about chemistry (DNA and RNA) which has helped our justice system in jurisdiction of serious family cases.

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