12 May


Discipline makes a person to be successful

The way to success is only discipline which is the key to success

Always believe in yourself and trust in God.

Make friends and always help each other.

Being patient and disciplines leads to a road called “success”

Many people may discourage you, you may hear lots and lots of words but keep running, never give up, time is still there.

Have hope and confidence and always love what you want.

Sacrifice every thing or do whatever it takes to chase your dream.

For success will always lead you to another way, it will always take you to a road called “happiness.”

Through success, we can be famous or respected in a certain area.

So, always be contented with what you have and what you can do.

Whenever you make a step, there will always be light in front of you and there will always be people to hold your hand till you reach your success.

So, continue running without resting because at the last moment you will achieve your goal.


What would you say to someone who is lazy?

For I would tell that person that, “What you reap is what you sow.”

This goes to you all.

Sow only those things that one day you will sow.

Many students in Uganda fear science subjects,

These are taken to be very hard subjects.

Put in more effort just as other subjects

Stop being lazy at some things

We want to have a country of scientists

Ssendagire Hassan Trabie S.3

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