11 May


An all-round and inclusive education is the way to go.

With the current increasing global uncertainties bringing about resource limitations, there is an urgent need for an all round and inclusive learning to train a generation of lifelong learners who will engage in both the private and public sector so as to improve the society’s wellbeing.

I am glad about the implementation of the new Lower Secondary Curriculum- a Competence-Based curriculum by the National Curriculum Development Center and Ministry of Education, Technology and Sports early 2020. It just found us already on the journey of unearthing learners’ potentials in an all round education environment both in indoor and outdoor activities we have in the school.

At St. John’s Wakiso Secondary School, we come together as a community of learners, to develop a sense of belonging for everyone. We cherish, support, guide and empower each other through this inclusive journey. We learn/work through groups/departments/clubs which ensure that each individual learner participates in the teaching/learning processes so that each is able to acquire such competences, skills and values as needed for one to fit in today’s global village.

As a community, we understand that everyone can be shaped into a very productive individual given the equal opportunity to access and/or share in the teaching/learning environment. We strive to remove all the barriers to an all round education and provide all learners with experiences that cultivate individual involvement and cooperation, to nurture great strength. These barriers are due to the fact that the old curriculum focuses more at grades thus branding several learners non-performers yet they have other talents that require exploitation. The new curriculum will mitigate this distortion.

The St. John’s approach of all round and inclusive education is well captured under the school mission:
To provide a conducive;

  1. All round education,

  2. Instilling knowledge, skills and values,

  3. Bring up well balanced individuals.

Each segment above is very crucial in bringing up a competent learner to seize the available opportunities of in a changing world. That’s why we engage in many activities in the class and outside including; science exhibitions, group discussions, debates, speech competitions, music and drama, fashion shows, sports and games, clubs, study tours and field work, cultural exchange visits, leadership modeling and coaching, guidance and counseling among others.

Therefore, we believe in providing every learner opportunities to explore their potentials, build their strength, abilities and values in order to become lifelong learners that the society is in dire need of. I interest you to be part of this cause and bring us your child, s/he will never remain the same!

Knowledge has no limit.

For God and my country.

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