27 June

The wonders of computer studies

Computer studies basically involves use of monitors, keyboards, mice and `CPUs`. A computer is a programmable electronic device that can process, store and retrieve data. In today`s era, it is as good as q global norm to know a thing, two or even more about a computer. Someone who knows nothing about the computer today is basically in the Stone Age period.

Computer studies is different from ICT (Information and Communication Technology) as done by the new curriculum in Uganda even though both involve the study of a computer as a device in daily life.

In computer studies, a number of topics and concepts are handled including many that teach us how the environment can be kept safe and healthy with the use of computers going on as well. In a computer studies class you can expect to learn;

How to switch on a computer, how to use a computer, different parts of a computer, how to save the environment using a computer, how to maintain a computer for a long time, how to simplify daily life using a computer, how to use online services using a computer, how to fit in the computer era, the computer generations, computer communication, the Internet and World Wide Web, the history of computers among others.

Among the concepts learnt in computer studies is the most important to the earth; green computing. In a lay man`s language, green computing could be use of computers to keep the environment green. In this concept, you come to see that how we use our computers also contributes to what our environment will look like. With the developing computer technology, we see that it has become a lot easier to keep our environment clean for instance; computer monitors have been developed from CRT (Cathode Ray Tubes) which emit a lot of radiations and take a lot of energy to LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays) that emit a considerably less amount of radiations and also take less energy.

With the developing computer eras, computer sizes have also changed a great deal from extra-large first generation computers to the small size fifth generation computers. Computers work magic especially in things concerning communication no matter the distances apart. The first people to use computers may have wondered how it was possible for someone to talk to another more than a million miles away. To you and I, the answer is simply because of technology which comes hand in hand with computers.

Computers can be used for several purposes which include;

Communication, E-business, online shopping, E-education, Information, Trending topics, online administration, Entertainment, Relaxation, training skills, green computing, making soft copies of files, Updates, among others,

Computer literacy today is one the most valued competencies for job application and without it many have been rendered jobless all around the country hence becoming an eye-opener to the rest of us that we should endeavour to attend computer studies classes before it is too late.


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