01 July

There is beauty within

             T he beauty is ever before us. By us, I mean students of the mighty ST JOHN’S WAKISO SECONDARY SCHOOL. Some call us St Johnians. It is all okay because in our name we find our pride. St John’s is gifted with nature including beautiful vegetation, good looking students plus skilled teachers not forgetting those who make our lives possible-the kitchen staff. These factors all contribute to the unique beauty of our school. Our beloved Proprietor did us no harm in putting in place this institution of knowledge some years back and it makes us glad.

            As one sets foot into the sacred grounds of St John’s, the beautiful pathway fenced by pavers of white and black smiling with glee welcomes them. On looking around, the trees and blades of grass are dance to the tune of the blowing wind. This kind of beauty does not stop at the gate but is seen all over the school.

            The buildings in our school are good looking therefore one could almost consider them as living things. And when you put the students next to the buildings, it looks like a completed puzzle. In simpler terms, I would say everything here is perfect the way it is.

            The way of life in school is a simple one and as an organized place, it has rules and regulations governing it. We the St Johnians enjoy the environment the way it is because we are totally aware that everything happens for a reason.

            Being an academic institution, St John’s focuses on equipping the students with standard education and the subjects offered include; English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History, Christian Religious Education, Fine Art, Literature in English, Luganda, Computer Studies, Agriculture, Entrepreneurship Education and Commerce at both `O` and `A` levels.

            Putting academics aside, St John’s facilitates co-curricular activities and among which sports like Football, Netball, Basketball, Table tennis, Volleyball, outdoor games like Treasure hunt for leisure and learning and not forgetting the game of intelligence also known as chess played both indoors and outdoors as per one’s choice for both male and female students. Clubs are also existent including; The Writers’ club, Interact and Entertainment club, Geography club, Arts and crafts club, the Red Cross club and the Chess club among others.

The people around may not have noticed but the beauty of St John’s Secondary School Wakiso is totally incomparable. All in all, I am proud to be called a St Johnian!

                                                             “KNOWLEDGE HAS NO LIMIT”

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